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Doctor Who: 3rd Doctor (Jon Pertwee) 1/6 Action Figure - Big Chief Studios

Price 217.51
Availability: 03/2022 termín se může změnit
Limitace a číslování (limitation):
Limitovaný číslovaný product (limited numbered product)
Price excl. VAT: 217.51
Producer: Big Chief Studios

Doctor Who Collector Figure Series Action Figure 1/6 3rd Doctor (Jon Pertwee) Limited Edition 30 cm

Action figures: 30 cm Doctor Who

The Master is a villainous figure from the Doctor's past and a fellow Time Lord. His thirst for power and the destruction of humanity caused him to cross swords with the Third Doctor on several occasions. The Master allied himself with various monsters until his eventual incarceration. Suave, yet sinister and with a deep hypnotic stare, the Master was one of the Doctor's deadliest enemies, regenerating to menace the Time Lord again and again.

Originally devised to act as the Moriarty to the Doctor's Sherlock Holmes, the character appeared in every story of Doctor Who's 8th Season, and for a further two seasons until the tragic death of actor Roger Delgado in 1973. It was Delgado's performance, coupled with his dark eyes that not only solidified the character as one of the Doctor's most recognisable enemies, but cemented Delgado as the most iconic take on the role.

The Master figure perfectly captures Roger Delgado's likeness and comes outfitted in his black mandarin-style collar jacket with cuff detailing, black trousers and boots. The Doctor's nemesis comes with numerous accessories, and a host of other weapons. A selection of posed hands and gloved hands come as standard, as does his light-up display base.

What's in the Box:

- 1 x Portrait featuring an Authentic Likeness of Roger Delgado
- 1 x Anatomix Standard Male Body
- 1 x Tissue Compression Eliminator
- 1 x Laser Weapon
- 1 x 26th Century Pistol
- 1 x Troll Doll
- 2 x Crystal Kronos
- 1 x Seal of the High Priest
- 1 x TARDIS Key
- 1 x Cigar
- 4 x Gloved Hands
- 6 x Hands
- 1 x Display Base and Stand with Illuminating Light-up Feature
- 1 x Reversible The Master's TARDIS Backdrop Display: Control Room

Limited to 1000 pieces worldwide!